Can a deep tissue massage or regular massages benefit me after a plastic surgery?

No, in fact deep tissue massages are contraindicated in areas of edema. Unnecessary pressure in the area operated can damage the surgery results. Each surgery requires different techniques. It is important to choose a therapist that has the experience and education required to perform this treatment.

How soon can I have the lymphatic drainage after my surgery?

We go by doctor recommendation. We have seen patients one day after their surgery. Normally you will see a big improvement after the first session. If you are experiencing a lot of pain it will start diminishing soon after your first massage.

If I had a surgery 1 year ago and I’m experiencing skin hardening and painful lumps can massage help?

Yes, even dough after time it becomes chronic we can still help. We have had patients that even after one year of surgery have experience wonderful results. Please note these symptoms don’t go away with time they only become chronic.

If I still have my drain or my incision still open, can I start the massages?

Yes, our therapists are trained to help you drain through the incision while it’s still open or to help you take care of your drain.

Is the regular lymphatic drainage the same as lymphatic drainage post-op?

Same concept, different knowledge. The lymphatic drainage post-op is complemented with other techniques and therapies to achieve maximum results.  Having just the regular lymphatic drainage will be like doing only half of the treatment.

The therapists performing your treatment have gone through extended training.

What other therapies conform the post-operatory treatment?

Complementary to the lymphatic drainage you will receive ultrasound, cavitation, radio-frequency and electrotherapy. All these therapies are included in your package.

What is the lymphatic system and how does it work?

The lymphatic system Is the system that runs parallel to the circulatory system. Consist of vasos and lymph nodes. When we stimulate the lymph nodes there is a release of white cells to help the immune system. After a surgery the lymph nodes blocked and causes lymph fluid retention. Through Manual lymphatic drainage we stimulate the system to release white cells that helps to flush out the excess of lymphatic fluid that causes edema.  The lymphatic system is designed to get rid of toxins, waste and other unwanted materials.

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I had surgery over a month ago and I started getting my massages with Iliana at Heaven on Earth. The way my body has changed is amazing. She’s very talented and her techniques are unique. You will love it!

I’m truly blessed to have found Heaven on Earth Wellness, and have been in the care of Iliana as of July of 2013 . I was referred to them by a friend who recently had elective surgery and had multiples lymphatic massages on the treated areas. I was very pleased with the package deals, the comfortable and relaxing environment, the knowledge of my massage therapist Iliana and overall the service provided to me.

Iliana has treated me two times and I have four more treatments remaining. Her hands are truly magic and I feel so much better. Not to mention both Iliana and Paola are super sweet and attentive. Please do not just trust anyone who says they specialize lymphatic massage…just go see Iliana and you will be so grateful you did!!