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We do Lymphatic Drainage, That’s what we do, and we do it better than anyone else! Lymphatic Drainage after plastic surgery, prenatal Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphatic Drainage to lose weight, Lymphatic Drainage for wellness and more. We were created with an amazing lymphatic system. We just need to make it our ally.

Heaven On Earth Wellness also known as Lymphatic Drainage Orlando, and has come a long way since founded in 2007. From the beginning we knew we wanted to make a difference in people’s life and make massage part of their wellness program, but we wanted to do more. After years of practice, hours of study and experience we found our true identity in manual Lymphatic Drainage. With years of practicing we have come up with a combination of techniques and programs that have us at an unmatched success rate with our family of patients.

Our feature treatment is pre & post-chirurgic Lymphatic Drainage. We have designed a combination of techniques that have patients recovering much quicker than normally from their plastic surgery. All of our patients see a beneficial difference after their initial session. Having plastic surgery is a luxury, having the post chirurgic treatments after is a necessity!
Prenatal Lymphatic Drainage hit close to home for one of our business owners. The treatment played a big impact on Paola Mendoza-Binet during her pregnancy and afterwards. The benefits during pregnancy regarding immune system, pain relief and anxiety management were incredible.

Our newest Lymphatic Drainage treatment is for weight loss. We have partner with Dr. Way To, creating an amazing program to lose weight and reach maximum wellness. The program consists in wellness, exercise, nutrition, Lymphatic Drainage, cavitation, radio-frequency, and electrotherapy.

It has been a beautiful journey and this is just the beginning. We thank our family of patients, all the doctors who contributed to our knowledge and success, and most importantly to God. Who without, this dream could not be possible.

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I had surgery over a month ago and I started getting my massages with Iliana at Heaven on Earth. The way my body has changed is amazing. She’s very talented and her techniques are unique. You will love it!

I’m truly blessed to have found Heaven on Earth Wellness, and have been in the care of Iliana as of July of 2013 . I was referred to them by a friend who recently had elective surgery and had multiples lymphatic massages on the treated areas. I was very pleased with the package deals, the comfortable and relaxing environment, the knowledge of my massage therapist Iliana and overall the service provided to me.

Iliana has treated me two times and I have four more treatments remaining. Her hands are truly magic and I feel so much better. Not to mention both Iliana and Paola are super sweet and attentive. Please do not just trust anyone who says they specialize lymphatic massage…just go see Iliana and you will be so grateful you did!!